Our Story

Fashion, crafts and textiles are changing. Our mission is to be at the forefront of that change and inspire to create at the expense of none.

A Message from Emma, Verde Founder

"As a dedicated crafter, I've always sought that ideal yarn – a blend that feels right, looks gorgeous, and aligns with thoughtful practices. This vision, combined with a desire to provide holistic sets for fellow crafters, led to the birth of Verde and our curated kits.

Our Verde yarns and kits are not just about convenience or colour; they’re about achieving a harmonious balance. While our main focus remains unparalleled craftsmanship, we infuse our products with eco-conscious choices, ensuring we respect the inspirations nature provides us.

Navigating the vast realm of fashion and textiles, Verde aims to offer a unique experience, merging quality with mindful creation. Whether you're picking up one of our yarns or diving into a complete kit, I hope you sense the dedication, balance, and touch of responsibility we bring to your crafting table."

Warm regards, Emma