Yarn Choice

At Verde, we're passionate about offering yarns that not only enhance your crafting experience but also align with our commitment to sustainability and ethical practices. Our quality PETA Approved Vegan plant-based yarns are more than just materials; they represent a harmonious blend of artistry and environmental consciousness, carefully sourced from certified manufacturers who prioritize reducing their environmental footprint and maintaining social responsibility at every production stage.

Our organic yarns proudly bear the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) certification. This isn't just a label; it's a promise that our cotton is produced in harmony with nature, supporting biodiversity and a healthier ecosystem. It also ensures that the conditions for the farmers who cultivate our cotton are improved, promoting a fair and sustainable agricultural process.

In our quest to further reduce environmental impact, we offer recycled yarns. These aren't just repurposed materials; they're a testament to innovation and environmental stewardship. Made from post-consumer or industrial waste, our recycled yarns meet the stringent requirements of the Recycled Claim Standard (RCS). But we don't stop there. Our commitment to sustainability is deepened through adherence to the 4Sustainability initiative, particularly in Chemical Management. This involves rigorous standards for traceability, safety, and respect for the environment, ensuring that our products are not only beautiful and functional but also kind to our planet.

By choosing our yarns, you're not just selecting a high-quality product for your projects. You're joining a movement that values the earth and its inhabitants, crafting with a conscience. Together, we're knitting a future that's vibrant, sustainable, and ethically sound.