Switching Sides

Switching Sides

Switching to the reverse can be a great way to find something unexpected and new.

Knitting and crochet patterns often refer to the right and wrong side, front and back, inside or outside to help guide us through from start to finish. But if you take a peek at the side that’s hidden, you may find a little gem.

This shawl uses a spike stitch variation in the central panel. The pattern on the reverse developed into a texture that had more interest than that of the front so the sides were switched.

Knitted slip stitch designs create neat rows of loops on the ‘wrong’ side which are reminiscent of the dots and dashes in Morse code. This would be perfect for a jumper, beanie or scarf.

In some ways, these stitches could be considered reversible offering not only aesthetic appeal but also adding a functional value to your creations. For instance, reversible knitting is ideal for items like scarves and blankets giving you different visual options.

So flip your piece over, turn it inside out and consider the reverse because sometimes, wrong can be right!

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