Cooling off with Summer Knits

Cooling off with Summer Knits

Summer is fast approaching, and although knitting and crochet are mainly perceived to be winter activities, the warm weather doesn't mean you have to put your needles and hooks aside. It's just a matter of using the right materials. Let's dive into the beautiful world of sustainable vegan yarns perfect for creating airy, breathable, and chic summer pieces.


No summer yarn list would be complete without the all-time favourite: Cotton. Lightweight, breathable, and exceptionally absorbent, cotton is an excellent choice for warm weather knitting. Organic cotton is an even better sustainable option, as it ensures that no harmful pesticides were used in the cultivation process. Whether you're dreaming of a delicate shawl or a simple, chic tank top, cotton has got you covered!


For those looking to go a bit more exotic, bamboo yarn is your answer. Not only is it incredibly soft and silky to the touch, but it also boasts antimicrobial properties. Bamboo plants are a renewable resource, grow incredibly fast, and require no pesticides. Its breathability and natural coolness make bamboo an ideal choice for summer tops, light cardigans, and accessories.


Linen, made from the flax plant, is another favourite for summer crafting. It's known for its durability, strength, and natural lustre, as well as being lightweight and absorbent. Linen yarn softens with every wash, making it a fantastic option for garments that will be loved and worn for a long time. Picture knitted or crocheted linen beach bags, breezy tunics, or stylish summer hats.


Hemp yarn might be a surprise addition, but it deserves a spot on this list. This robust, sustainable fibre is resistant to sunlight and wear, which is perfect for long summer days. Like linen, hemp softens with use and wash, and it's excellent for absorbency and breathability. Give hemp a try for your next pair of summer sandals or a resilient market bag.


Sometimes, the magic lies in the mix. Blends of these plant-based fibres can often result in yarns that offer the best of all worlds. For instance, a cotton-bamboo blend would have the softness of bamboo with the structure of cotton. Or a linen-cotton blend can be easier to work with than pure linen while still providing the airy lightness desirable in a summer garment. Experiment with blends to find the one that best fits your summer project.

When it comes to sustainable yarns for summer knitting and crocheting, the options are as radiant as a summer day. Not only will these fibres give you a comfortable and stylish summer wardrobe, but you’ll also have the satisfaction of knowing you're crafting in a way that's kind to our beautiful planet.

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