Mosaic Knitting | How to Get Started

Mosaic Knitting | How to Get Started

Here at Verde we love Mosaic Knitting. This technique is easy to learn and creates beautiful geometric patterns.

Unlike other colourwork techniques, mosaic knitting uses just one colour at a time, predominantly over a two row repeat. This makes it perfect for pieces knitted either flat or in the round. Instead of every stitch being worked, some of these are slipped which drags them up and creates the vertical lines. As this is only done over two rows these stretched stitches don’t distort the knitting and are virtually indistinguishable from the ‘normal’ stitches.

Usually no more than two consecutive stitches are slipped so there are no long floats at the back. In fact, the reverse is very neat and creates it’s own interesting texture.

The piece retains all the stretch you would expect of a knitted fabric which makes it perfect for combining with plain knitting - think patterned hats or the yoke of a jumper. There are so many possibilities with this technique and combining with stockinette, garter or other textured stitches changes the appearance of this further.

So if you haven’t tried mosaic knitting before we’d thoroughly recommend giving it a go. Check out our further reading suggestions below including a free tutorial.  But be careful, once you start you may not be able to stop!

Additional Resources

  • Beginner's Guide to Mosaic Knitting: For those new to mosaic knitting, take a look at our beginner's guide titled "Crafting with Colour - The Magic of Mosaic Knitting". This guide breaks down the basics of the technique, making it accessible for beginners. It includes tips on slip-stitch patterns, colour transitions, and chart reading, all of which are crucial for mastering mosaic knitting. The guide emphasizes the ease of learning and adaptability of this technique, making it a great starting point for newcomers​.
  • Free Pattern and Tutorial: Crafting a Mosaic Square is perfect for beginners or those looking to practice their mosaic knitting skills. The tutorial is a practical way to put the concepts learned from the beginner's guide into practice.  The written pattern is accompanied by a Video Tutorial offering multiple ways to access this colourful technique.
  • Mosaic Knitting Kits: Once you feel ready to take your mosaic knitting skills a step further, pop over to our collection of kits offering patterns suitable for everyone.  These products are designed to help knitters explore and master mosaic knitting.
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