Which loop?

Which loop?

Back or front loop crochet (abbreviated as BL/BLO and FL/FLO) is a technique that can be used to add a ribbed texture to crochet projects and is an important element of tapestry and mosaic crochet.

Rather than inserting your hook under both loops, this technique involves crocheting into only the "back” or “front” loop of each stitch. Stitches are performed in exactly the same way but the hook is inserted under one of the strands only. This results in a fabric which is more textured with a raised surface.

Looking at the top of a crochet stitch, you will notice that there are two loops which form a ‘V’ shape: the "front loop" and the "back loop". The front loop is the loop that is closest to you (the bottom thread in the picture above) and the back loop is furthest away (the top thread).

To crochet in the back loop, insert your hook down between the 2 strands of the stitch and through the back loop only. Complete the stitch as normal.

To work in the front loop, bring your hook from underneath, up between the strands. Complete the stitch as normal.

And that’s all there is to it!

Fancy practicing this technique? Check out our free leg-warmer pattern which uses back and front loop crochet.

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