Denim Rebooted

Denim Rebooted

Who doesn’t love a reboot when it works out - this time it’s denim.

Our new range of Siena Yarn arrived this week from Tuscany, Italy.

The muted rustic shades of this recycled denim yarn complement the change of seasons as we head into Autumn.

Siena is made from post-consumer jeans which are collated, stripped of accessories and then sorted by colour. Finally, they are transformed back into fibres ready for spinning. The pre colour matching means that there is no need for further processing or dying.

Held singly, this is a sport weight yarn with 310m to 100g and is perfect for clothes and accessories. Held double, you can mix and match the shades to create a light Aran weight with a marled effect.

Lots of possibilities, have fun! Oh - it’s vegan too of course!

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