Co-ordinated Granny Squares

Co-ordinated Granny Squares

Who doesn't love the iconic Granny square. This motif, often associated with colourful blankets and cushions, holds a special place in our hearts. Many of us learned to crochet with these bright, cheerful squares, each telling a story of resourcefulness and creativity. Nowadays, all crocheted squares seem to be referred to as Granny Squares but what is the true origin of the name and design?

A Nod to the Past, A Step Towards the Future

Originally, Granny squares were a way to utilize every last bit of yarn. The term itself evokes images of grandmothers crafting warm blankets from these colourful squares. While their origin remains a subject of speculation, their popularity is undeniable.

Traditionally, a repeating series of 3 treble crochets separated by a chain would be used to create a square in whatever yarn you had to hand. Now there are hundreds of alternative styles using a variety of stitches and the colour schemes are more co-ordinated and tonal.

Among the myriad of styles, the Sunburst Granny Square stands out. It begins with a centre ring of trebles, followed by rounds of puff stitches and a circle of clusters. Add doubles, half trebles and trebles to transform the circle into a square.   This base opens up a world of creativity - from jumpers and cardigans to cushions and blankets.

Free Patterns and Kits to Spark Your Creativity

To begin your journey with Granny squares, try our Trio of free patterns is ideal for beginners and experts alike. For a unique twist, whip up some Gift Bags, where Granny squares become stylish, practical items.

For those seeking a challenge, our Zenith kit offers an advanced project that beautifully incorporates traditional Granny squares in a contemporary manner. Create a boho-chic plant hanger using the time-honoured Granny square technique.

In conclusion, Granny squares are more than just a pattern; they are a testament to the enduring legacy of crochet. We invite you to explore their potential, create something unique, and become part of the ongoing story of these beloved squares.

Happy Crocheting!

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