SSP | Slip Slip Purl | Decrease

SSP | Slip Slip Purl | Decrease

Sometimes you may be looking for a purl decrease that looks perfect in stockinette. The SSP leans right on the purl side and left on the knit side and is often paired with the P2tog. It mimics the SSK decrease so is great when you need to decrease on both right and wrong side rows.

Here's how you do it:


Written Instructions:


  1. Work up to the point of the decrease.  If decreasing at the edge of the project, it's best to leave a couple of extra stitches after the decrease to finish the row.

  2. Slip purlwise - Insert the right needle into the next stitch on the left as though to purl.  Don't work this stitch but instead simply slide it off the needle. 

  3. Next, slip knitwise - This time insert the right needle into the stitch as though to knit and slide this off the needle. 

  4. Now pass both of these stitches one at a time back onto the left needle without twisting them.

  5. P2togtbl - This is the trickiest part of the decrease.  Position your work forwards so that you can see the back of the stitches.

  6. insert your right needle into the back of the second stitch on the left needle from left to right and continue to push the needle up so that it also passes through the first stitch.  

  7. Wrap the yarn around as with a normal purl.

  8. Pull the loop through both stitches and slide these off the needle.

  9. The decrease is complete.


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