Bind Off in the Round | Seamless Join

Bind Off in the Round | Seamless Join

Here we're focusing on how to neaten a bind-off in the round, ensuring your projects look professional and polished every time. Whether you're working on cowls, cuffs, or any circular knitwear, this guide will help you achieve a flawless finish every time.


Written Tutorial

  1. Bind off with your chosen method until you have one stitch left on your needle.

  2. Cut yarn and pull needle upwards to extend the loop and pull the end through.

  3. Thread onto a darning needle.  Insert into the second bound off stitch from front to back under the two loops and pull through.

  4. Now go back to the last bound off stitch and insert the needle into the centre (where the yarn is coming from) and also into the bump under the stitch to secure.

  5. Pull through but don't over tighten.

  6. You want the new stitch to mirror all the others rather than be hidden.

  7. As we have only joined the top of the piece, it's also important to link the stitches too. Insert your needle into the last and first stitches to close the gap.

  8. Weave in the ends and you're done!
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