M1R | Make 1 Right | Increase

M1R | Make 1 Right | Increase

The M1R (Make One Right) increase is a common method used in knitting to create a new stitch and increase the total number of stitches on your needle while forming a right-leaning slant in the fabric. This increase is often paired with the M1L increase to balance shaping in knitting projects.


Written Tutorial

  1. Work up to the point of the increase.  Take a look at the bar in-between the stitches on either needle.

  2. Insert your left needle tip from back to front underneath this bar.

  3. Lift it onto the needle.

  4. Push your needles together to create some slack in this new loop, then hold this in place with your finger.

  5. Insert your right needle into the raised bar as though to knit.

  6. Wrap the yarn around as usual and pull the loop through.

  7. Slide the bar off the needle and your M1R increase is complete.
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