K2TOG | Knit 2 together | Decrease

K2TOG | Knit 2 together | Decrease

Probably the easiest and most widely used decrease, the k2tog is a right leaning stitch that works just like a knit.  For mirrored decreases, pair this with SSK.

Here's how it's done:

Written Tutorial:

  1. Work up to the point of the decrease.  If working this at the edge of the project, it's best to leave a couple of extra stitches after the decrease to finish the row.

  2. Leave the first stitch for now and move your needle tip just below the second stitch on the left needle.
  3. Insert your right needle into this second stitch as though to knit and carry on sliding the needle tip up through this and the first stitch.
  4. Wrap the yarn around anti clockwise as with a normal knit stitch.
  5. Bring the needle tip down and pull the yarn through.
  6. Continue to slide the 2 worked stitches off the needle.
  7. Decrease complete!
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