Granny Square | Continuous Rounds

Granny Square | Continuous Rounds

Here you'll discover a method for creating a continuous single colour granny square. From starting with a magic ring to working the rounds, you can create a beautiful, cohesive square without seams.


Written Tutorial

  1. Begin with a magic ring secured with a ch1.

  2. Chain a further 2 ~ counts as a treble

  3. Crochet 2 more trebles in the ring.

  4. Ch2 and crochet 3 more treble's, and repeat this twice more.

  5. Close the ring.

  6. Ch2 for the final corner.

  7. Insert hook into top of starting chain and slst to join.

  8. Ch1, tighten, chain a second and tighten, chain a third (counts as stitch).

  9. Working in the chsp to the RIGHT, crochet a treble.

  10. This will cross over the bottom of the chain that started the round.

  11. Make another treble in this space.

  12. Continue to perform [3tr, ch2, 3tr] in each of the next 3 corners.

  13. Crochet 3tr's in the starting chsp, and ch2.

  14. Join with a slst to the top of the starting chain.

  15. Continue to start each round as in steps 8 to 11.

  16. Proceed around adding 3tr's in each 'side' space and [3tr, ch2, 3tr] in each of the next 3 corners.  

  17. Finish with 3 more tr's in the starting space, ch2 and join to top of starting chain with a slst.

  18. Repeat each round in the same way as required.
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