DCINC | Invisible Increase

DCINC | Invisible Increase

The Invisible Increase will provide a seamless solution that melds effortlessly into your work.  Perfect for Amigurumi projects.

This increase creates 1 extra stitch and is performed on the right side.  Instructions show this with a double crochet but the same principle applies for HTR, TR's or any other type of stitch.

Let's take a look ~ both video and written instructions: 

Written instructions:


1. At the point of the increase, insert your crochet hook into the front loop only of the next stitch. Keep this loose and even, don’t pull too tight.

2. Yarn over and pull through a loop, yarn over and pull through both loops on the hook to complete a regular double crochet.

3. Looking at stitch you just worked into, insert your hook through both loops.

4. Yarn over and pull through a loop, yarn over once more and pull through both loops on your hook to complete the second dc.

This increase works with any stitch, so you could try a treble or half treble too.

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